Duo w/ Fresh & Unique Take On Classic Rock, Rockabilly, & Country

     The brainchild of Dave Lewis, the Reading, PA based duo of Mo7s started as a recording project in the summer of 2012.  Lewis' vision was to bring together many different musicians, instruments, and styles of music to his own original songs as well as to create a fresh and unique approach to some classic cover tunes.  Not wanting to just recreate the cover songs, the aim was to reinvent and "rewrite" them for this disc.  Amy Tomaszewski was brought in to Lewis' Gangsta Beagle Studio to lend her vocals to the first song of the project.  It was quickly decided that she would remain on and have her voice become the one constant and familiar aspect to the recording sessions.  All of this culminated in the release of their full-length, 15-song debut album "Hate Mail From A Love Child" in late summer of 2014.  A total of 19 musicians, from both Southeastern PA and around the world, including New York, Tokyo, and Nashville, are featured on the album.  Multiple tracks from "Hate Mail" have received airplay on Y102 FM and 830 AM WEEU in Reading, and the album itself was named #7 in Y102's Homebrewed Top 11 Albums of 2014.  In describing the album, the Reading Eagle declared, "A spirit of experimentation lifts Mo7s... 'Hate Mail From a Love Child,' is a mash-up of blues, techno, punk, reggae and straight-ahead rock 'n' roll all tied together by Lewis' guitar and the soulful vocal stylings of Amy Tomaszewski." 

     Going beyond the studio, Mo7s also performs live shows both as a guitar/vocal duo and as a four piece band with drums and bass.  Performing throughout Southeastern PA, Mo7s has played venues as varied as Musikfest, First Energy Stadium, Kutztown University, and Parx Casino.  They pull their live repertoire from their own catalog of originals as well as 1950's and 1960's rock, rockabilly, and country.  Dave's straightforward rock 'n' roll approach to the guitar is infused with a raw, bluesy style that makes a strong musical statement, as does the rich, smoky tone of Amy's powerful voice, and their tight vocal harmonies together.

     Mo7s recently recorded their sophomore release, "Gift Horse," which is available now.  A departure from "Hate Mail," this recording  reflects more of the sound that they have crafted over the past couple years of performing, and utilizes their live backing band to produce an all original 10 song album.  For Mo7s, the future lies in continuing to write and record new material, live performances to support their catalog, and expanding their reach into new markets and venues.


Mo7s Covering "Cheap Sunglasses"

Mo7s Covering "2000 Miles"

Mo7s Covering "Stand By Me"

Amy Tomaszewski Covering "Dreams"

Mo7s Official Music Video For Their Original "Pretty Good Year"






Mo7s Covering "Wagon Wheel"

Mo7s Covering "That's Alright Mama"

Mo7s Performing Their Original "You Have The Power"

Amy Tomaszewski Covering "Big_Me"

Amy Tomaszewski Covering "Greenville"

Amy Tomaszewski Covering "You Aint Goin Nowhere"

Mo7s Band Performing Their Original "So Important"

Mo7s Band Performing Their Original "Next_To_You"

Mo7s Band Performing Their Original "State Of Mind"