Tyler Smilo

     Born deep in the Rustbelt of Ohio, Tyler Smilo has lived a vagabond’s lifestyle before settling in Erie, PA and taking the city’s music scene by storm.  An award winning acoustic artist, Smilo’s Americana influenced folk songs are mostly autobiographical.  However, the themes are easily relatable to the “everyman” and his performances both heartfelt and moving.

     The release of two successful solo albums: Blood Into Sound and Dust In A Grave, a series of official videos dubbed The Rooftop Sessions, and fronting his own full band Daybreak Radio, has earned Smilo accolades in entertainment publications throughout the region.  The genuineness and passion of Smilo’s music cannot be denied, and will make a lasting impression on anyone who chooses to take the chance to listen.


Tyler Smilo Performing "All Things Must Pass"

Tyler Smilo Performing "The Fallen"

Tyler Smilo Performing "Heirs To The Throne" 


Tyler Smilo Blood Into Sound Album Sampler


Tyler Smilo Performing "Blood In The Water"


Tyler Smilo w/ Potwhole Performing "Reborn"


Tyler Smilo Performing "Dust In The Grave"


Tyler Smilo Performing "The Records"


Tyler Smilo Performing "Nothing's Changed"




 Daybreak Radio - "Everyone But Me" 

 Daybreak Radio - "On My Way" 

Tyler Smilo - "The Fallen" 


2015 Rock Erie Music Awards Acoustic Artist Of The Year

2015 Rock Erie Music Awards Best Male Vocalist

2014 Rock Erie Music Awards Acoustic Artist Of The Year